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A new Play

In an imagined conversation, Phillis Wheatley and Thomas Jefferson meet to discuss a simple matter - slavery and personal merit. But along the way, Wheatley will challenge his preconceptions of her race, and Jefferson will question her notions of what it means to be "free."
Originally produced as a part of the "Founding Fathers" Living Literature festival at the Metropolitan Playhouse


Boson Higgs, Science Detective

An original Audio Series
Boson Higgs is a detective. He is also a scientist. He and his partner, Brianna Green, will take any case provided the science is hard enough, the mystery deep enough, or the check large enough. 
Radio Hound Productions presents the ongoing adventures of Higgs and Green, Private Detectives. Information about the series is available under this page, as well as specific information about all past live performances.



A Short Film
A Co-production with Digital Reality Films, Inc.
When her husband is killed in action against the Nazis during World War II, Margeaux takes up his last mission - take secret information to the allied war effort. But when her younger sister Emilie insists on coming along, Margeaux cannot say no.


The Stray Dogs Project

An ongoing Audio Series
This serial project brings together actors, directors, and writers to create short audio dramas with modern sensibilities. 
New episodes are released every other week. Check back often.


A new Play

A modern and humorous fantasia of heroic transvestism during our nation's bloodiest conflict. Based on real events.
Originally produced as a part of the "Another Sky" Living Literature Festival at the Metropolitan Playhouse, NYC.


A new Audio Drama

Who is Edward Hyde? Where did he come from? And what is the terrible secret he holds over the head of Henry Jekyll? These are the mysteries that Jekyll's friend and lawyer Gabriel Utterson sets out to investigate. But the truth he uncovers is much more shocking than he could have ever imagined.
Radio Hound Productions presents Robert Louis Stevenson's classic story as a live audio drama, bringing old-time entertainment to a modern audience. An ensemble cast gives voice to the memorable tale of a scientist, his ambition, and his dark alter ego, enhanced by live sound effects and an original musical score



A Short Film about vampires
Co-production with Digital Reality Films, Inc and Kicking and Screaming Stunts 
When underground vampirism began to spread through America in the early 1950s, an organization was formed to combat them. In the future, the war rages on as Project E.D.E.N. searches for its newest member.
Are you an Adam or an Eve?


The Chrononauts

A Short Film about time travel
Co-production with Digital Reality Films, Inc 
Traveling through time can be dangerous. Join temporal adventurers Holmes and Cassidy on their mission to locate and obtain an artifact that could literally hold the secrets of the universe.
Do you have the time?



A Silent Film

You have three paths before you. Which will you choose?
Originally produced at Villanova University, this new edition of the film features new music, a revised credit sequence, and new visual effects.


Changing Lane

A Superman Fan Film
Co-production with Digital Reality Films, Inc. 
When Clark Kent tells Lois Lane "we need to talk," she automatically assumes the worst. Turning to her sister Lucy, Lois tries to understand what could make an otherwise great catch like Clark Kent say that to her. Little does she suspect what secret he is hiding from her.
Drawing from the comic books, feature films, and over seventy years of Superman mythology, this fan film from Radio Hound Productions chronicles the moment when Lois Lane learns the secret Clark Kent has been keeping about his dual identity.