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Radio Hound Productions was founded by Nick Martorelli in 2008 as a independent production company. Their first project was the short film Changing Lane, which was produced for a short film competition. Since then, Radio Hound has also produced the short films No Reason, E.D.E.N., The Chrononauts, and Mirrors. Radio Hound is also interested in creating audio dramas, and they recently premiered Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: A New Audio Drama at the first annual Wilmington Fringe Festival. Radio Hound's newest endeavor is an The Stray Dogs Project, an ongoing anthology series of original audio dramas. RHP is also involved with production for both feature films and short film screenwriting consultation, and live theatre. Radio Hound Productions blends the theatre and entertainment styles of the past with the artistic ideas and aesthetics of the present.

Company Bios


Nick Martorelli    (Founder, Artistic Director)
Nick is very excited to bring Radio Hound Productions into the spotlight. His most recent credits include serving as executive producer on the short film E.D.E.N. and Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. He directed the world premiere musical Cock-A-Doodle-Doo! for the 2009 New York Fringe Festival. As an actor, he has performed throughout the Philadelphia area, appearing with InterAct Theatre, Commonwealth Classic Theatre, Flashpoint Theatre, Walnut Street Theatre, Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, Philadelphia Theatre Workshop, Curio Theatre Company, Enchantment Theatre, and the National Theatre for Arts in Education. His favorite roles onstage include Iago, Mercutio, and Milo Tindle. He became an actor to play Superman, Sherlock Holmes, and a Starfleet Captain; so far, he has achieved one of those goals.
Cara Blouin    (Resident Director)
Cara was the founder and artistic director of Stone Soup Theatre Arts in New York before relocating to China and then to Philadelphia where her most recent directing credits include The Golden Ladder, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Double & Small, and Alabama, Alabama, all new plays. She was one of the original directors of the Superheroes Who Are Super project for the 2009 Philadelphia Fringe and serves as a chair of the Education Committee at Plays and Players Theatre and director of The Universal Culture School in Hunan, China. 
Andrea Pinyan    (Director of Sugar and Dramaturgy)
Andrea, primarily a NYC actress, loves adding radio theatre to her list of genres. She performed in Radio Hound's premiere stage production Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde at the first ever FringeWilmington. Other recent roles are Ariel in The Tempest and Mistress Page in Merry Wives of Windsor at Shakespeare in the Valley (NH.) NYC credits include Cock-A-Doodle-Doo! and betwixt, Between, and BeTWAIN (Fredrick Byers Productions), The Happiest Girl in the World (Medicine Show) and many concerts with One World Symphony. Regionally she has performed with Boarshead Theatre, Hudson Shakespeare Co., Merry-Go-Round Playhouse, and Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble. She wrote and directed A Brief History of Cross Dressing in the Civil War for the Metropolitan Playhouse's 2010 Living Literature Festival. Andrea has been script consultant on RHP's Jekyll and Hyde, No Reason, Changing Lane, and The Stray Dogs Project. She has a theater degree from Alfred University. Her guerilla marketing tactics include delicious Jekyll & Hyde signature cookies and an upcoming StrayDog cocktail, whose bark will be worse than its bite. She is also a Philadelphia Chocolate Tours tourguide.
Rob Coccagna   (Director of Feature Films and Apple Software)
Rob is an independent filmmaker who has been pursuing that goal for most of his life. He started writing and making "movies" (if you could call them that) around the age of five years old. At some point, his parents gave in and finally bought him his own VHS camcorder, and he forced his friends to be in films of various genres. Early on, Rob displayed a penchant for shooting action movies and for visual effects. In high school, he worked in the school's education television department, becoming the station's co-general manager by his senior year. Rob's high school years also introduced him to his long-time friend and collaborator, Radio Hound's Nick Martorelli. Being of like (and yet many times completely opposite) minds, Rob and Nick began producing short films of all types - though a favorite character of theirs to return to is the star of old radio and pulp novels, The Shadow. Since then, Rob has attended Temple University's Film and Media Arts program, worked for a number of years as a professional actor, and produced a number of award-winning short films, as well as a feature-length horror film that he swears will be released soon. In his spare time, Rob enjoys playing ice hockey and video games, reading, quoting (or mis-quoting) "The Simpsons," and, of course, watching movies. 
Check out his work at the homepage for Digital Reality Films, Inc.