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A Brief History of Cross Dressing
in the Civil War
A Radio Hound Production
Written and Directed by Andrea Pinyan

A modern and humorous fantasia of heroic transvestism during our nation's bloodiest conflict. Follow our real-life Heroines Bold Sarah Emma Edmonds, Loreta Janeta Velazquez, and Sarah Rosetta Wakeman through their unlikely and little-known exploits in the "men-only" world of war. Produced as a part of Metropolitan Theatre's Living Literature Festival "Another Sky."
This show is based on historical evidence, including the autobiographies of Sarah Emma Edmonds and Loreta Velazquez. The letters of Sarah Rosetta Wakeman appear in the book "An Uncommon Soldier," and are used with permission. 
           "a terrific idea for a play... Susan Atwood, Lindsay Tanner, and Tara Henderson deliver thoughtful and interesting performances..."
                                                           -- Martin Denton,

                   Thursday, January 21 - 7:00pm
                   Sunday, January 24 - 4:00pm
                   Wedneday, January 27 - 7:00pm
                   Saturday, January 30 - 7:00pm
                   Metropolitan Playhouse
                   220 East 4th Street, NYC
                   $18 General, $15 Students and Seniors
                   Tickets online at
                  Maria Alegre
                  Susan Atwood
                  Aaron DiPiazza
                  Theresa Galeani
                  Tara Henderson
                  Paige Lussier Johnson
                  Nick Martorelli
                  Lindsay Tanner
                   Written and Directed by............Andrea Pinyan
                   Sound Design by.......................Nick Martorelli
                   Rehearsal Stage Manager.........Kelly Aliano
                   Consultant................................Cara Blouin 
                   Costumes provided by..............Michael & Heddy Martorelli
All photos by Steve Lembark.

The Union Officer (Nick Martorelli) drills the enlisted women.
Albert Cashier (Susan Atwood) joins the Union Army.
A Union soldier (Aaron DiPiazza) and Charlie Compton (Paige Lussier Johnson) in a moment of drunken camaraderie.
Frank Thompson (Lindsay Tanner) gets a phrenological exam from
the doctor (Nick Martorelli).
 William Fitzhugh (Aaron DiPiazza) argues with his wife(!) Lt. Harry T Buford (Maria Alegre).
   Lt. Buford (Maria Alegre) woos a Southern Belle (Theresa Galeani).
Franklin Thompson (Lindsay Tanner) relaxes as Lyons Wakeman (Tara Henderson) and Albert Cashier (Susan Atwood) drill.
   Lyons Wakeman (Tara Henderson) writes home.