Radio Hound Productions

A New Approach to a Classic Style

 Hear it Live!
Organ music... live sound effects... the hiss of static over the airwaves... 
These are all classic elements of old-time radio,  a form of entertainment that was at its height in the 1930s and 1940s. But with the advent of television, the medium was quickly on its way out. Radio Hound Productions aims to bring the audio drama back as an art form, but we are also interested in exploring the form itself. What makes it so special? Why do people still find it so compelling? And what changes must audio drama undergo if it is to make a comeback.
Tune in with us and find out.

NEW    January 2013 -
Radio Hound Productions returns! 
After an extended hiatus, RHP is back with a new announcement and new project. We are excited to be returning to the Metropolitan Playhouse Living Literature festival with a new play called A Servant for Life. You can learn about it on the project page here!
Feels good to be back!
 May 2011 -
Radio Hound Productions will be extending our production vacation until at least July. We wish to thank all our loyal fans who are sticking with us, and rest assured that new episodes will return. 
February 2011 -
Check out our newest episode, "Dating Objectives," at the direct download site at New episodes will follow.

November 2010 -
With Digital Reality Films, Inc., RHP co-produces Rendezvous for a 5-day Film Festival. The film itself is now posted online, and you can find out more information about the film at the project page.
November 2010 -

RHP presented Chemistry.... Noir! A New Adventure of Boson Higgs, Science Detective on November 5, 2010, as a part of First Friday in Philadelphia. The program is sponsored by the Chemical Heritage Foundation. You can find out more information about the performance by visiting their main page here.

  October 2010 -
Radio Hound Productions premieres.... Scream Til You Die Shocktober, an original audio miniseries, and you can find it at our brand new Libsyn page. The final episode "Under the Lamplight" is available now.
Follow this link:

September 2010 -
Check out the project page  The Peer-Reviewed Journals of Boson Higgs, Science Detective. Produced as a live performance at Fringe Wilmington 2010.
    August 2010 -
"Changing Lane," the first short film from Radio Hound Productions, is NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE. The movie is on youtube and can be accessed by visiting the project page. Follow the link here to visit the project page and view the film.
February 2010 -
RHP begins "The Stray Dogs Project," an ongoing anthology series of original audio dramas. Episodes are released bi-weekly. 

January 2010 -
A Brief History of Cross Dressing in the Civil War premieres as part of the "Another Sky" festival at the Metropolitan Playhouse. Check out the show site here.

August 2009 -
Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: A New Audio Drama premieres at Fringe Wilmington
July 2009 -
RHP co-produces the short film E.D.E.N. for a short film contest sponsored by the webseries The Hunted. We took fifth place overall, and garnered a lot of attention. 

April 2009 -
RHP releases online a short film entitled Mirrors. Originally produced by MAD Productions in 2001, the new version features digital restoration and an all-new soundtrack.

September 2008 -
RHP completes filming for No Reason, a short comedy about the boundaries of the heart and the limits of death.  The film is not yet released.

April 2008 -
Radio Hound Productions releases its first film, a short produced for a fan film competition sponsored by the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL. The film, Changing Lane, re-imagines the moment when Lois Lane discovers the secret that Clark Kent has been keeping for so long.